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K.I.S.A- is the acronym that we use at Lakeview Community Schools for our overarching goal in school improvement and staff development. K.I.S.A stands for Knowledge of Instruction, Students and Assessment. Teachers at Lakeview Community Schools are focused on gaining knowledge of instruction. Instruction includes what curriculum is taught and how this curriculum is being taught. Lakeview teachers work towards providing a quality curriculum which is aligned to the state standards and meets the needs of all students. Teachers gain knowledge of the proper pedagogy and strategies needed for engaging students in their classrooms. Lakeview teachers continue to gain knowledge of our students, through the use of quality assessment and data. This data is used to improve the quality of instruction and to support student programs within the district. Furthermore teachers gain knowledge of the appropriate use of assessment and assessment data to guide their instruction so we are continuously meeting the needs of all students.
Lakeview Community Schools Continuous School Improvement
Knowledge of Instruction, Students and Assessment

The overall process of Lakeview Community Schools continuous improvement is best portrayed in the following flow chart:

Mixed Learning Teams
All Lakeview Community Schools teachers are a part of a K-12 mixed Learning Team. We have 9 Learning Teams throughout the district. The mixed teams are created so that the strengths, knowledge and experiences of elementary teachers and secondary teachers is shared within the teams. The mixed learning teams are also created to bring more communication and a sense of connection between the elementary and secondary staff. Teachers in the mixed learning teams, study and discuss best practices in teaching, implement these practices in their classrooms and share their successes and failures. The mixed learning teams help develop camaraderie among staff while creating a systematic method of staff development using the strengths and knowledge of our own teaching staff.

Data Analysis
During Lakeview Community School's staff in-services we purposely set aside time throughout the year to analyze student data. Data is analyzed using our learning teams, collaboration groups or as an entire staff, depending on the data we are studying and how we can best utilize our in-service time. The data analysis revolves around three general analysis questions; 1.) What does the data show? (factual information) 2.) Why might this be? (hypotheses) and 3.) How should we respond? (next steps). The staff will have time during in-services to analyze different forms of data and answer these questions. The responses are shared to the entire staff and ideas for improvement are voiced and formulated through this process. The School Improvement steering committee uses the staff input to help guide the continuous improvement process. This collaborative process helps guide decisions which help us improve our school system and improve student achievement.

Collaboration Teams

Lakeview Community School’s Collaboration Teams are a systematic process in which educators work together interdependently to identify essential standards, create common assessments and analyze student data to improve instruction. The purpose of collaboration is to achieve better results for our students, to grow as teachers, and to improve as a school. The process of collaboration is specifically designed to impact teaching in ways that lead to better results. The collaboration teams at the elementary level are grade level teams or adjacent grade level teams. Collaboration teams at the Jr.-Sr High School are department level teams. The collaboration teams are set up this way so that when presented with best practices, data, or curriculum work, the decisions among the group are relevant and meaningful.

5 AdvancEd Standards

Lakeview Community Schools is accredited through Advanced Ed - North Central Association (Lakeview Jr-Sr High School) and the NE Frameworks (Lakeview Elementary's). To meet accreditation requirements for AdvancEd, Lakeview must meet the requirements of the following 5 standards:

1. Purpose and Direction: The school maintains and communicates a purpose and direction that commit to high expectations for learning as well as shared values and beliefs about teaching and learning.

2. Governance and Leadership: The school operates under governance and leadership that promotes and supports student performance and school effectiveness.

3. Teaching and Assessing for Learning: The schools curriculum, instructional design, and assessment practices guide and ensure teacher effectiveness and student learning.

4. Resources and Support Systems: The school has resources and provides services that support its purpose and direction to ensure success for all students.

5. Using Results for Continuous Improvement: The school implements a comprehensive assessment system that generates a range of data about student learning and school effectiveness and uses the results to guide continuous improvement.

 2012-2013 Accreditation Report/Data
This folder contains the accreditation report and stakeholder feedback results.
 AdvancED Standards-Artifacts
This folder contains artifacts or pieces of evidence which support Lakeview's efforts in meeting the 5 AdvancED Standards
 Annual Reports
Lakeview Community Schools Annual Report
This folder contains several sources of student performance data.
 2016-2017 Learning Teams -.doc
Learning Teams 2016-17
 Collaboration Teams 2016-17.doc
Collaboration Teams 2016-17
Curriculum Dept Committees 2016-17
 External Report 2013 NE Frameworks.pdf
External Report 2013 NE Frameworks Report
 External Review Report 2013.pdf
External Review Report 2013 AdvancED Report
 Lakeview Essential StandardsTarget.pdf
Essential Standard Target
 Mission Statement Review Process LCS.pdf
LCS Mission Statement Review Process
Steering Committee
+ Blaser, Audrey
+ Borer, Steve
+ Cremers, JoAnn
+ Downs, Carol
+ Graves, Josh
+ Helms, Jody
+ Krienke, Jill
+ Miller, Nicole
+ Osten, Jennifer
+ Went, Jan
+ Witt, Quentin
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